Westcoast Strange

A Proudly Canadian

Mission Statement

Westcoast Strange is an exciting new subgenre of Canadian indie films that will capture the hearts of lovers of genre grittiness, daring originality, and modernization of film.

With a dedication to bringing a new spark to Canadian indies, Westcoast Strange also aims to create a community based around diversity in front and behind the camera.

What sets Westcoast Strange apart from other subgenres is its focus on dynamic characters, unique representation, and shocking viewers to the core. Each movie in this subgenre is crafted with care, making audiences both scream and imagine.

The passion for creating stories for fans of the stranger side of entertainment while also focusing on representation for a diverse audience is evident in every aspect of Westcoast Strange.

Founded by the talented horror and sci-fi screenwriter Joel H. Brewster, Westcoast Strange is a true passion project. Joel’s dedication to diversity and bringing unique perspectives to his stories is evident in every project he undertakes.

Based in Victoria, BC, a city known for its spooky lore and one of the most haunted places in Canada, Joel’s work is rooted in the eerie atmosphere of his surroundings. His keen eye for detail and his unquenchable thirst for horror make him a force to be reckoned with in the world of screenwriting.

Joel’s accolades in the world of screenwriting speak volumes about his talent and dedication. He has won numerous awards and recognition for his work, including being a finalist in the Vancouver Badass Film Festival, a semi-finalist in the Vancouver Badass Film Festival, a quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Competition, a semifinalist in the ScreenCraft Horror Competition, and a quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Pilot Search. His films have been funded by Storyhive Digital Shorts, and he has been endorsed by Coverfly as a talented writer.

Westcoast Strange is not just a subgenre of films but a community of like-minded creators who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of horror and sci-fi storytelling.

This community is highly active on social media, connecting with its followers, and engaging with a genre media blog and a movie-themed podcast called “No Stranger to Horror.” The podcast invites guests from all over the world to talk about their favorite films, and the blog and social media channels have reached millions of people in engagement.


“Riding the momentum of his horror short going viral and being seen by millions on network television in Canada, Joel H. Brewster recently took a meeting with Brillstein Entertainment Partners and is in consideration for the Blood List. He avidly binged 80s horror slasher cannon like FRIDAY THE 13TH and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET growing up outside of Vancouver. But he was keenly aware of the lack of diversity in both the characters and storytellers on those projects. Now, he writes fast-paced never-catch-your-breath horror features with diverse leads and modern themes. He has received continual attention and accolades for his striking visuals and ability to evoke terror in his action-centric writing samples.” – Tom, Coverfly Director of Development

Projects in Active Development:

Tourist Season – Directed by Ariel Hansen – Pitch Deck

Invasive Creatures – Directed by Mik Narciso – Pitch Deck

The Man in the Rabbit Mask – Proof of Concept – Directed by Ariel Hansen

Feature Film Scripts Available Upon Request