Westcoast Strange

A Proudly Canadian

Mission Statement

Made for lovers of genre grittiness, daring originality, and modernization of film, this new subgenre is designed to bring a new spark to Canadian indies while additionally creating a community based around diversity in front and behind the camera.

Each movie is based around dynamic characters, unique representation, and shocking viewers to the core with a dedication to making audiences both scream and imagine.

Westcoast Strange is built around the idea of creating a community through entertainment, which is done by being highly active on social media and connecting with its followers, an engaging genre media blog, and a movie-themed podcast (No Stranger to Horror) that invites guests from all over the world to talk about their favourite films.

Since its creation in 2019, the blog and social media channels have reached millions of people in engagement and made professional connections with film producers, directors, writers, and others artists to create a network of like-minded creators.

When it comes to making movies, the same passion will be brought to creating stories for fans of the stranger side of entertainment while also focussing on representation for a diverse audience.

More coming soon…