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Outside of the societal pressures to complete new and shiny TV shows that dominate your streaming services, there are overlooked gems waiting among the hundreds of scrolled over items.

Some of the options you may have heard of but never got around to them, due to your roommate or friend demanding you watch Stranger Things instead.

Your next favorite show could be five years old and sitting on your streaming service right now, but you missed it because The Mandalorian demanded you found out if Baby Yoda was going to be okay.

Well, no need to worry, here is a compiled list of interesting/obscure programs that most likely slipped under your radar.

The Exorcist – Available on Netflix

Binge: 10 Hours

Intellectual property from movies turned into television shows is nothing new. We’ve seen it before and its results are hit or miss.

This sadly canceled television show had two seasons that continued from the film of the same name, and added more lore to the haunting story.

Demonic possession has never looked this unnerving, and the show tries its best to force you to look away while keeping you glued to your seat.

For any fans of pure horror that dabbles heavily into the supernatural, this show is a perfect way to spend your day.

If it’s a gloomy rainy day, even better!

Da Vinci’s Demons – Available on Crave & Amazon Prime

Binge: 1 day and 4 hours

This nearly unheard of action based series tells a bizarre fictional account of Leonardo Da Vinci’s youth as a sword-fighting, weapon creating, genius bad boy.

Oh to be a fly on the wall for the first time creator David S. Goyer pitched this script to anyone.

As all over the map as it sounds, it is a lot of fun with some cryptic villains, and Da Vinci’s abilities of creation make him pretty much Iron Man for the late 1400s.

Well worth the binge and the acting is a major highlight with the chemistry between characters making every scene a blast to watch.

As an added bonus, this show will probably take you down a Leonardo Da Vinci internet spiral separating fact from science fiction.

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Happy! – Available on Netflix

Binge: 18 hours

Not even sure what genre this would be correctly filled under due to the absolutely balls to the wall chaotic nature of this show’s two season run.

A bit of horror, a lot of sci-fi, a dash of mystery, and several servings of black comedy all rolled into a cop show.

It may seem like a lot to digest, but with the amount of action per episode you’ll be heartbroken that there isn’t more.

Be warned, there is some darkness to the overall tone of the show, but it is evenly balanced by the ridiculous humor throughout.

The Purge – Available on Amazon Prime

Binge: 19 hours

A bleak series based around the franchise of the same name, that is set somewhere before the events of the first film.

However, if you haven’t seen the movies this still makes for a great watch that is a lot smarter than most television in the genre.

It’s a bit on the nose with its political/social message, yet it manages to bury it under incredibly likable characters and masked killers.

The first season packs a bulk of the action, while the second carries the mystery behind the world which this series takes place in.

Watching it all unfold and connect to the larger franchise is a both a delight and a tease that leaves you wanting more of both the films and the series.

Channel Zero – Available on Shudder & Amazon Prime

Binge: 12 hours

This is one of the best anthology horror series to be created, it packs some of the most unsettling and creepy moments to ever happen in the entire of the genre.

Big words, but they only seem hyperbolic until see the show.

Peak weirdness in every season and each one introduces a monster that isn’t just nightmare fuel, it creates a new phobia that lingers well after watching.

If you are a horror fan, you’ll probably love it. Great acting, very well written, and it dials the eeriness up to 1000.

Pennyworth – Available on Amazon Prime

Binge: 5 hours

Of course right away the thought of a show following Batman’s butler sounds absolutely ridiculous and not worth anyone’s time, but boy do they ever get you right away.

A spy thriller set in a alternative universe which collides the 1900s with the 1960s taking place in an ultra dreary London, England.

It has all the elements of British TV that make the cliches self-aware and hilarious, meanwhile it packs all the gun fights and fisticuffs of Guy Ritchie movie.

Still not convinced? That’s fair. Here is the opening scene which works perfectly as an instant lure for anyone craving the dry humor that Britain is famous for.

Well that’s all folks, enjoy your binging of the weirdness that sometimes gets lost in the golden age of television.

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