In the horror genre, some movies can leave you staring blankly at the roof before bed, too terrified to close your eyes because of impending nightmares brought about by a well-crafted spooky story.

Finding those treasures (no matter how big or small) is a reminder of why you became a fan. They can have the perfect jump scares, grossly crafted creatures, or a twist at the end that may sit with you for days.

Regardless of budgets, a scary story with the right punch can flatten you from the opening scene and keep you haunted for long after viewing. Which is what we’re all hoping for at the end of the day, right?

Not all of these movies get the accolades they deserve, which can make coming across them a chance encounter that is the genre equivalent to finding a four-leafed clover amongst the weeded content that is always abundant on the countless streaming services.

By the luck of the draw, I happened to stumble across an indie horror film that both shook me heavily and stuck with me in the most welcoming way, and if you’re looking to be scared beyond measure it is one you’ll want to watch immediately.

Described as a “reverse exorcism” in terms of its sub-genre, this movie was a cautionary tale that spelled out in bold letters DO NOT MESS WITH DEMONIC BOOKS, and if you do, expect to have some deeply unpleasant results.

As with your usual devilish films, there were the expected tropes of utterly dangerous behavior involving black magic and just overall ludicrous attempts to complete goals by any means necessary, but for the first time in recent memory, the story seemed to justify most of the main character decisions.

On the surface, it felt like the entire thing was going to lead to back-to-back cliches and predictable jump-scare moments, however, if I’m being honest, there were so many WTF scenes that take your sensibilities away while watching the movie that it makes it an enjoyable ride for any level of horror fan.

There are demonic entities in the film that are vicious practical effect creations that don’t just make your skin crawl or want to avert your eyes, they will leave you shaken and debating whether or not to use a night light.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration if you’re a die-hard horror fan, but there are some seriously unforgiving moments of pure terror that are hard to watch no matter how much of the genre you often consume.

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Unlike most modern movies that rely heavily on nostalgia or named actors tackling spooky subject matter, this film is driven by two character-acting legends (Shelia McCarthy and Julian Richings) who both give the most believable performances I have personally seen within the demon-filled sub-genre.

McCarthy and Richings both shine as the most believable grandparents to ever be put in a Hellish situation and coupled with a horror directorial debut by Justin G. Dyck who has a long resume of *checks notes* Hallmark-esque rom-coms (yea, I was shocked too), this made for a perfectly cast and masterfully directed under-the-radar genre hit.

Stop your scrolling on Amazon Prime and check this one out as soon as possible, it has all the makings of a classic and does it with the shocking flair that deserves all the praise within the genre.

Happy Viewing!




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