The Pentagon has recently released three videos of UFOs, and the Internet has become momentarily distracted by the slight possibility of aliens flying in our skies.

It’s good to have a bit of a break from our new norm, and currently this is one of my favourite conversation topics going around that doesn’t involve the Corona Virus, so any dialogue about it is great to hear.

As the different news sites and experts discuss whether or not the videos are proof of otherworldly visitors (or just more basic ass humans), but there is one question I haven’t seen asked by any major outlet.

As a science fiction fan, it is my only question…Which filmmaker prepared us the best for the possibility of extraterrestrials?

Here are some of the types of aliens that could have been piloting those mysterious ships.

Types of Aliens

The Aliens that look like us

Brightburn (2019)

There is a possibility that if the flying unidentified vessels are from beyond the stars, the aliens aboard could look identical to humans and even live among us.

Many filmmakers over the years have created notable aliens that are our carbon copies in every way except for superpowers or superhuman abilities.

Director David Yarovesky introduced us to a child with Superman-like abilities that looks human, but ultimately is a pint-sized frightening monster with a short fuse.

If there is any justice in the universe, let’s all hope that’s not the type of aliens we have to deal with, because our chances would look as good as the small town citizens from the film.

Scary Bright Burn GIF - Scary BrightBurn Stare - Discover & Share GIFs

The Aliens that are way too advanced

Dark Skies (2013)

To travel across the universe, it is believed that in order to do so would take applications of science humanity isn’t close to putting into action.

If we’re going off of that theory, any being able to pull it off would be from a much more advanced species and civilization that our own.

In 2013’s Blumhouse film, a suburban family learns the hard way how helpless humans really are when they become the focus of a mysterious alien species who make their lives a living Hell.

The invaders in the movie seem more like ghosts than extraterrestrials, which makes the entire experience both a haunting and fun watch for horror fans.

As far as sci-fi villains go, this one is put in my top 5 for species I hope do not exist in the universe, and if they do, stay as far away from my house as possible.

The Aliens that are absolutely nothing like us

Arrival (2016)

Realistically, the aliens that make their way to our little blue dot of a planet are most likely to be as different to us as we are to creatures of the deep sea.

In many interruptions of what to expect from intergalactic visitors there isn’t even a language or speech barrier that separates them from humans, and often they speak in a British accent for some weird reason.

Master filmmaker Denis Villeneuve gave us one vision of what our first encounter could end up looking like, and if that’s the case, let’s hope we have a linguist with infinite patience to learn their language like Amy Adams’ character Louise Banks.

In one of the most expertly shot films of the modern era, this story of first contact and relationship building is a beautiful and hopeful look of one our better alien outcomes.

If we do get alien visitors, let’s just hope they have a cure for our current situation, and help us out of this global nightmare.

As the stir crazy indoor days continue to pile on, any change of pace is welcome at this point.

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Okay, almost any change of pace.


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