Charlize Theron: The Reigning Queen of Action

Multi-faceted actors that seamlessly transition between jaw-dropping action and tear-jerking drama are few and far between. These true talents are generational treasures that often cover every magazine, control whole summers with their blockbusters, and occasionally get notable Academy recognition as well. Among these screen legends of past and present one iconic actor from South Africa currently sits as both a wrecking ball in her action performances, and nearly unparalleled performer in her dramatic roles… Charlize Theron is often referred to

How to plan the perfect revenge… movie marathon

Revenge movies are the punk rock of cinema and much like the music, they’re best played loud when you’re already feeling angry. A classic tale of getting the antagonist back for unforgivable sins is nothing new, neither is the catharsis it gives the viewer. We like to see bad guys receive their comeuppance, and planned vengeance when done well can land like nothing else. When it comes to the icy dish best served cold, there are modern classics that stand