No Stranger to Horror – Episode 6 – Enter the Traumaverse (Super Dark Times, 2017) Featuring Jessey Nelson & Cody Nelson (SPK Productions)

Brothers Jessey and Cody Nelson come on to the podcast to discuss the 2017 Kevin Phillips movie Super Dark Times and we talk about their own brand new short film Crumbs which recently premiered at the Crazy 8’s Film Festival on May 1st, 2021. The Nelson Brothers  (co-founders of SPK Productions) are multi-faceted and well-rounded filmmakers who wear many hats bringing together actors from Vancouver to star in sketches that range from pitch-perfect parodies to dark horror and everything else

A Visual Guide to Understanding Midnight Content

Midnight Content is a Westcoast Strange way of describing anything that is scary and best viewed late at night, while you are safely tucked into bed. This content can include movie clips, short films, creepy images, scary stories, or anything else that you stumble across on your newsfeed during a late-night scroll on social media. Finding these online oddities has always been a hobby of mine and now that I have a platform to share them, I honestly couldn’t think

Stay inside and rewatch your favourite movie… for self-care reasons

What’s your all-time favourite movie? Your perfect 10/10 that never loses its luster no matter how many times you watch it. The one that you can argue about for hours because (in your opinion) it has zero bad moments, and while other movies may come close, they never quite touch that level of satisfaction in your heart. My personal choice is the 2007’s Edgar Wright directed classic film Hot Fuzz, which stars an amazing ensemble cast, but most importantly, UK’s

The Hard Goodbye: A horror fan says farewell to ‘Supernatural’

Supernatural follows two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester, who fight different monsters each week and then at the end of the season usually defeat one big bad super villain. That is pretty much all there is to the entire series. As a casual fan… who has seen every episode… I can safely say there never needed to be anything more, but the show created by Eric Kripke evolved over the years into something nobody really expected. When Supernatural started,