Creative Comparison: The Purge Franchise & Paw Patrol

With cases across the globe of police brutality being spotlighted, the internet is ablaze with people using fictional characters or stories to justify the #defundthepolice movement. Disclaimer: This is in no way meant to diminish or make light of the movement itself, this comparison is purely about Paw Patrol and The Purge Franchise. As a new parent and also a diehard horror movie fan, two interesting examples of this have frequently been filling my social media newsfeed, which of course

Stay inside and rewatch your favourite movie… for self-care reasons

What’s your all-time favourite movie? Your perfect 10/10 that never loses its luster no matter how many times you watch it. The one that you can argue about for hours because (in your opinion) it has zero bad moments, and while other movies may come close, they never quite touch that level of satisfaction in your heart. My personal choice is the 2007’s Edgar Wright directed classic film Hot Fuzz, which stars an amazing ensemble cast, but most importantly, UK’s

Can you binge these shows in time for their next season? (January 2020)

You’re not imagining things, there is simply too much top tier television to keep up with. No one person can watch all the shows and stay up to date in the cultural conversations within this golden era of entertainment. However, you are human and the fear of missing out can be crippling for some,which is why viewing the popular essentials is doable if you manage your time accordingly. Over the past couple of years, you might have missed the premiere

The best original Sci-Fi movies of the decade (2010s)

Finding an original film among the sea of existing IP is next to impossible these days, but every now and then Hollywood delivers with some gems that shake the science fiction world. Over the past decade, filmmakers have taken us all over the galaxy and through various alternate realities to bring stories to life that previously would have been impossible. Giant monsters have been killed, dreams have been heisted, and elves were brought to the modern era with a sadistic


The Worst Horror or Sci-Fi movies of 2019

Critics who make these lists are overall pretty terrible people, and the companies that post them really need to stop. These lists are incredibly subjective and really don’t help anyone looking for something to watch. A film that wasn’t loved by one critic could be the next person’s favorite flick of the decade. It’s boring to read these think pieces that tear down a list of filmmakers who spent years working on a project, we already have enough uninspired opinions

I’m concerned if you haven’t seen these films on Netflix (Canada)

Okay, so here is the thing, I don’t think we can be friends unless you have seen these films. The Netflix Horror section is really hit or miss, but these are a few of the hidden or less talked about films that really nailed it. Opinions may vary on these projects, but that’s expected, you can’t please everyone after all. I personally loved everything I’m going to suggest and maybe you will too. At the very least, you won’t have