6 unrelated weird movies to start off your month. Because, why not?

We survived January! The longest three month period slammed into 31 days (or so my calendar tells me). As reward for us all, let’s dive into a binge of the strange underrated movies that came out over the past couple years. Keep in mind, not all strange is scary and not all scary is strange. Which means, even if you are not a horror fan, there may be something for you on this list of weird entries. The Official Selection

How to plan the perfect revenge… movie marathon

Revenge movies are the punk rock of cinema and much like the music, they’re best played loud when you’re already feeling angry. A classic tale of getting the antagonist back for unforgivable sins is nothing new, neither is the catharsis it gives the viewer. We like to see bad guys receive their comeuppance, and planned vengeance when done well can land like nothing else. When it comes to the icy dish best served cold, there are modern classics that stand