Bring On the Blood: 3 Modern Scary Films Made Especially for Horror Purists

The nightmarish minds of horror filmmakers are able to bring scenes to life with such visceral detail that it can sometimes even hurt to watch. Whether you’re a purists who prefers these gruesome feats to be pulled off with practical effects or a casual fan who is okay with a bit of CGI if done well, the end results can make your stomach turn and your skin crawl. Body horror is usually what turns others off the genre because unlike

How to plan the perfect revenge… movie marathon

Revenge movies are the punk rock of cinema and much like the music, they’re best played loud when you’re already feeling angry. A classic tale of getting the antagonist back for unforgivable sins is nothing new, neither is the catharsis it gives the viewer. We like to see bad guys receive their comeuppance, and planned vengeance when done well can land like nothing else. When it comes to the icy dish best served cold, there are modern classics that stand