The Hard Goodbye: A horror fan says farewell to ‘Supernatural’

Supernatural follows two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester, who fight different monsters each week and then at the end of the season usually defeat one big bad super villain. That is pretty much all there is to the entire series. As a casual fan… who has seen every episode… I can safely say there never needed to be anything more, but the show created by Eric Kripke evolved over the years into something nobody really expected. When Supernatural started,

Another subjective best of the decade horror list

As we finish off the decade and usher in the roaring 20s, a roundup of the best horror for past 10 years is a mandatory requirement of any genre specific blog. The 2010s were a game-changing decade for the genre that left us all with brand new nightmares, and some visionary directors stepping onto the scene with groundbreaking debuts. Franchises were born, blood-drenched scream queens fought monsters, and there was even an Oscar win for screenwriting. Horror fans were split