Creative Comparison: Pretzel Jack and Topsy & Bopsy

The big screen may be home to some of the most legendary monsters to ever grace the horror genre, but recently, entries from filmmakers on streaming services programs have been staking their own claim among the iconic figures as being just as terrifying. The bubbling world of small-screen terror has enabled new nightmares to reach audiences across the globe, while doing so it has introduced inventive original takes on skin-crawling monsters and creepy creatures that can make even die-hard horror

Underrated TV shows that are creepy, shocking, fun, and ready to be binged

Outside of the societal pressures to complete new and shiny TV shows that dominate your streaming services, there are overlooked gems waiting among the hundreds of scrolled over items. Some of the options you may have heard of but never got around to them, due to your roommate or friend demanding you watch Stranger Things instead. Your next favorite show could be five years old and sitting on your streaming service right now, but you missed it because The Mandalorian