The Westcoast Strange Canadian Horror Marathon

Canadian filmmakers and actors have a long history of great works in the horror genre, but most people don’t know just how big their contributions are. Legendary Canucks have been behind unforgettable slashers, iconic alien films, and underrated indie gems that some horror fans may not have even heard of. With Canada Day right around the corner, there is no better time to have an epic Canadian movie marathon and celebrate some of the country’s greatest exports. The Canadian Marathon

I’m concerned if you haven’t seen these films on Netflix (Canada)

Okay, so here is the thing, I don’t think we can be friends unless you have seen these films. The Netflix Horror section is really hit or miss, but these are a few of the hidden or less talked about films that really nailed it. Opinions may vary on these projects, but that’s expected, you can’t please everyone after all. I personally loved everything I’m going to suggest and maybe you will too. At the very least, you won’t have