The Great Debate: what type of sci-fi movie aliens would be in that Pentagon footage?

The Pentagon has recently released three videos of UFOs, and the Internet has become momentarily distracted by the slight possibility of aliens flying in our skies. It’s good to have a bit of a break from our new norm, and currently this is one of my favourite conversation topics going around that doesn’t involve the Corona Virus, so any dialogue about it is great to hear. As the different news sites and experts discuss whether or not the videos are


The Worst Horror or Sci-Fi movies of 2019

Critics who make these lists are overall pretty terrible people, and the companies that post them really need to stop. These lists are incredibly subjective and really don’t help anyone looking for something to watch. A film that wasn’t loved by one critic could be the next person’s favorite flick of the decade. It’s boring to read these think pieces that tear down a list of filmmakers who spent years working on a project, we already have enough uninspired opinions