December is one of the best month’s to have a movie marathon, but with so many options to choose from, it can often be hard to find the perfect things to binge.

Sometimes it’s just draining to look through the streaming services and peer at the sea of movie posters screaming out to you begging to be picked, especially when there is a chance of your choice could be a complete dud that bores you to tears. It’s a gamble few of us can afford to waste our time on these days.

As a present this holiday season for casual and dedicated horror fans, I have created a movie marathon so simple that it makes choosing what to watch as easy as spelling your own name.

Literally that’s it, just spell your own name.

Taking the first letters of your name and follow the listed movies below and in seconds you can create a viewing experience that takes out all the guess work of what films to watch when you have time to kill over the holidays.

The list is a fast, easy, and effective guide that spans across multiple subgenres as well as decades to make a strange pack of favourites or under the radar hits that will keep you entertained for hours.

The List

A is for Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) (Amazon Prime/Shudder)

B is for The Belko Experiment(2017) (Amazon Prime)

C is for The Crazies (2010) (Amazon Prime)

D is for The Den (2014) (Amazon Prime)

E is for Event Horizon (1997) (Amazon Prime)

F is for The Fly (1986) (Amazon Prime)

G is for Get Out (2017) (Amazon Prime)

H is for Hush (2016) (Netflix)

I is for I Saw the Devil (2011) (Amazon Prime)

J is for Jennifer’s Body (2009) (Amazon Prime)

K is for Krampus (2015) (Amazon Prime)

L is for Let the Right One In (2008) (Amazon Prime)

M is for Mandy (2018) (Amazon Prime/Shudder)

N is for Nosferatu (1922) (Amazon Prime)

O is for Oculus (2014) (Amazon Prime)

P is for Porno (2020) (Amazon Prime/Shudder)

Q is for A Quiet Place (2018) (Amazon Prime)

R is for Ready or Not (2019) (Amazon Prime)

S is for Slither (2006) (Amazon Prime)

T is for Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2011) (Amazon Prime)

U is for Unfriended: The Dark Web (2018) (Netflix)

V is for Vivarium (2020) (Amazon Prime)

W is for The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) (Amazon Prime) (VOD)

X is for XX (2017) (Amazon Prime)

Y is for You Might be the Killer (2018)

Z is for Z (2020)

Name too short? Don’t like your options? No problem, you can always spell a random word of your choosing for varied results and keep doing so until you’ve watched all 26 films.

Make a game of it, throw some scrabble pieces on the floor and watch the results if you so fancy.

Either way, hours of fun and bloody conclusions are now streamlined to make it easier to get to the gruesome binge you’ve earned after this hellacious year.

Happy Viewing!




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