Let’s be realistic, 2021 is off to a very iffy start and all the problems of a dreadful 2020 seem to be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Originally my plan was to write about a number of dark horror movies that were recently released, but given the hellacious week we all just survived, it felt like it was in bad taste to suggest some bleak entertainment.

Instead, below are some campy and fun movie suggestions that are easy to watch and take very little attention to follow.

You deserve this and I hope you enjoy these movies much as I did.

Palm Springs (2020)

Available on Amazon Prime and Hulu

It is almost impossible to hate a movie filled with time-loop shenanigans and this one is even more fun because of a very hilarious cast including some perfectly placed bit characters.

If you’re an Andy Samberg fan this is obviously a no-brainer due to the fact that his character in this film is pretty much a Rated R version of Jake Peralta, but the real scene-stealer is J.K. Simmons who plays a hilarious antagonist.

Simmons has limited screen time in the movie, yet there isn’t a moment with him in it that doesn’t just make the whole thing infinitely better. Trust me, you’ll be begging for more time with the twisted and unpredictable villain who pops up at the strangest of times.

On the flipside of both Samberg and Simmons characters, Cristin Milioti’s chemistry with literally everyone in the movie rounds out what should be a forgettable trope-filled romp and makes this a comedic hit that you’ll want to watch over and over again.

If you’re currently doom scrolling or glued to the news regarding recent events, this is definitely a fun escape that is surprisingly clever and perfectly self-aware of its homages to other time-loop films that came before it in the best way possible.

Shadow in the Cloud (2021)

Available on VOD

Okay, so the first step for enjoying this movie is completely forgot everything you know about how physics works because there is next to nothing in this that could possibly happen in the real world.

The fine line between camp and utterly ridiculous isn’t so much as ridden by this film’s action, it is straight-up passed over numerous times and may lose you at points, but with that said, this was an explosively fun and original ride.

Director Roseanne Liang’s WW2 sci-fi plays by no rules and felt like its pure existence was to fully emerge its audience into a deep state of escapism, which was made additionally fun by the wicked score and the stylized look of the movie.

The odd little creature feature does a great job of keeping you hooked and taking you for a high octane adventure that mainly takes places in the sky, which ultimately makes for a thrill ride that is elevated (pun intended) by a white-knuckled performance by a more than game Chloë Grace Moretz.

Again, don’t over think it and just strap in for pulpy blast of dog fights and snarling monsters.

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Maybe someday soon we’ll be able to look back at these times of chaotic uncertainty as only memories of an extremely wild past that future generations will hardly believe.

They’ll make movies about what we’re going through and decades from now people will call the scenarios “too unbelievable” and will be blown away when they verify our current real-life absurdity.

Until then, welcome to 2021, and stay safe out there…

Happy Viewing!


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