Somewhat under the radar, a horror-comedy gem was recently released that has all the markings of a cult classic, and perhaps one of the most hilarious child actor performances in recent memory.

Unless you’re a fan of indie low budget horrors already, the release of Canadian indie feature Psycho Goreman may have passed you by but within the niche circle, this heavily anticipated and absolutely insane film was one that surpassed expectations among its word of mouth reception.

What audiences online were expecting was a love letter to 90s horror movies and what we got was so much more.

Additionally, it turned out to somehow deliver a heartfelt family story among the chaotic gore and twisted humor, which makes it an original experience that everyone should seek out immediately.

Psycho Goreman (2021)

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Now let’s address the obvious, not everyone has a stomach for the level of blood and dismemberment that this movie contains, so keep that in mind before your viewing.

With that said, the campy elements in director Steven Kostanski’s comedy first and horror second feature are so over the top that their tone matches all the fun and weirdness of genre classics like The Evil Dead and Gremlins in all the best ways possible.

If you grew up watching creature features with ridiculous practical effects, unexpected deaths, and perfectly timed one-liners then you can definitely expect a nostalgia overload from this alien-filled wacky mess, but the surprises don’t stop there.

Of the most standout parts in this epic feature is the debut performance by the young lead Nita-Josee Hanna, who has some flawless comedic timing within every scene and is one of the most believable bratty protagonists in modern film in the best ways possible.

If Hanna can’t make you laugh throughout the film you most likely have a heart of stone, but her devilish characteristics work especially well against the hokiness of just about every sci-fi creature in the movie.

Outside of the titular character, there were over a dozen monsters that all feel like they were hilariously plucked out of a Power Rangers episode, with each of them being just as bizarrely fascinating as Goreman and they all showed off the creative prowess of the wildly talented special effects team.

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Even if a crazy monster movie isn’t your cup of tea, this is a weird experience filled with a ton of laughs that is top-tier self-aware campiness and you should probably give it a chance anyway.

This fever dream of straight-up nightmare fueled strangeness meets slapstick visual punchlines may go down in history as one of Canada’s best hybrid horrors, with a perfectly casted ensemble that didn’t miss a single beat while on screen.

It’s definitely something you will never forget you saw and you’ll come out the other the end as a different person because of it.

Happy Viewing! 


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