Brothers Jessey and Cody Nelson come on to the podcast to discuss the 2017 Kevin Phillips movie Super Dark Times and we talk about their own brand new short film Crumbs which recently premiered at the Crazy 8’s Film Festival on May 1st, 2021.

The Nelson Brothers  (co-founders of SPK Productions) are multi-faceted and well-rounded filmmakers who wear many hats bringing together actors from Vancouver to star in sketches that range from pitch-perfect parodies to dark horror and everything else between.

Their recent co-directing efforts have some connections to the film we cover in the podcast but ultimately stand alone as an inventive horror with heavy themes that tackle mental health, trauma, bullying, and grief.

Did I mention there is a killer clown involved? Trust me, you’ll want to hear about that from these talented directors and their insight into what it takes to put a spin on a horror movie monster.

Crumbs (2021)


Our chat dives straight into the world of the ’90s thrillers as The Nelson Brothers break down what makes Super Dark Times a gripping watch with a powerful message and why it’s a story that is essential viewing with a tension built around gritty realness.

Super Dark Times (2017)

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