In 2009 and 2015, two very different horror films came to theatres sparking new fandoms, criticisms, and debates within their respective years.

2009’s Jennifer’s Body was whip-smart and ahead of its time but sadly was met with a lukewarm reception when it was released, causing the love for the now cult classic to come almost 10 years later from audiences across the globe.

So, what went wrong in 2009? Were audiences not ready for Megan Fox as a bestial monster or was this just a problem with the overall marketing of the film?

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

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Meanwhile, 2015’s The VVitch was a hit right off the bat, launching the careers of director Robert Eggers and actor Anya Taylor-Joy who both made their feature film debut in the critically loved slow-burn horror.

Eggers’ directorial debut is seen as close to perfect as possible to many horror fans, but are there some things in the story that slightly miss the mark? Was “living deliciously” really Thomasin’s best option?

The VVitch (2015)

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Now, you may think a horror film with darkly comedic elements and another that is a darkly serious art-house seem to have next to nothing in common aside from the fact their leads are both teenage girls in turmoil.

What we learn quickly in this week’s podcast episode, is that could not be further from the truth…

In this double-header episode, Montreal-based alt-pop singer/life-long horror fan Maryze comes on the show to discuss these two horror modern stand-outs connected by important and timely themes, while also solidifying the fact that both films are deserving a re-watch no matter where you sat on them during their original release.

Maryze – Too Late

Maryze also discusses their music, their own witchy background, how a hilarious viral Tik Tok video got media attention, we both share our mutual hot takes on the 2020 thriller Promising Young Woman, and much more!

Content Warning: In this episode, we do get pretty deep into conversations about the #Metoo movement and discussions about sexual assault in correlation to the films, please be advised. 

The episode is available here or wherever you stream your podcast




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