Werewolf movie fans rejoice!

In this episode, myself and award-winning actor Gabriel Carter (Time Heals No Wounds, Roses, and Mistress of Bones) discuss director Neil Marshall’s werewolf siege film Dog Soldiers (2002), while additionally geeking out over the sub-genre in its entirety. 

Marshall’s underrated monster movie is a gory good time filled with twists, epic action, and ambitious creativity that makes it a stand-out in the genre.

As a life-long werewolf film fan, Carter not only explains what makes the monsters unique within the horror world but also gives insight into what makes Marshall’s film such a cult classic that stands the test of time.

Carter additionally gives us a werewolf movie must-watch list and, as usual, the conversation strays off topic turning into a horror fans discussion about creature features, directors, and who would win in a fight between King Kong and Godzilla.

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