Christmas is right around the corner, so if you’re a last minute shopper this is usually the time to start panicking and grabbing whatever you can find off the shelves.

Slugging through the holiday season feels a bit different this year and to match the insanity of it all, a Christmas movie directed by the Nelms Brothers (Eshom and Ian) has recently been released to VOD and it manages to be perfectly set for 2020’s unique atmosphere.

The movie is called ‘Fatman’, and it gives you a side of Santa that feels like it would be best suited in a campy horror, but much to my suprise, this small town crime thriller turned out to be one of the most clever holiday movies I have ever seen.

Fatman (2020)

During this time of the year, most people are looking for the standard Christmas experience to remind them what makes the season so wholesome and often that can comes from the nostalgic moments brought about by the movies they grew up watching.

For fans of the darker seasonal flicks, the selection is quite limited in terms of quality unless you’re a fan of B movie indies that seem to find their ways on streaming services and are packed with your standard twists on wicked winter killers.

However, The Nelms Brothers instant classic took what should have been a laughable concept and turned out a sobering look at consumerism, wealth, selfishness, and how special the right gift can be for a deserving person.

On top of the above mentioned, they also made it a badass revenge thriller with the grit of a Western and somehow tied in a love story more believable than any of those ridiculous Hallmark movies that dominate cable TV this time of year.

Based on the trailer, it may not seem like this movie has any heart and is just a simple excuse to pervert the lore of Old Saint Nick, however it’s quite the opposite, there is a shocking amount of care put into the character onscreen which ends up being both an endearing and humanizing for this peculiar adaption.

If you’re still looking for a reason to break away from your regular Christmas selection, watch this movie just for Walton Goggins deranged and unhinged performance as a hitman tracking down the title character. It’s beyond worth it and chaotic perfection.

Never in the history of a holiday movie has there been a villian as complicated and methodical as the one Goggins plays, you could take him out of this story and place right into a Coens Brothers crime thriller and he would fit like a missing piece of the puzzle.

To counter Goggins ice cold killer role, Oscar nominee Marianne Jean-Baptiste supporting lead as Ruth Cringle (aka Mrs. Claus) was both wholesome and delightful, yet also fiery and cutthroat. Trust me, seeing is believing on how she pulls it off so well.

Jean-Baptiste may be the greatest straight playing actors in an absurd story seen in quite some time and not only does it work, it elevates the entire story everytime she steps in front of the camera.

To sum up this entire wild ride, if you are looking for a holiday escape while being isolated there is no better choice to please both your cynical and hopeful sides throughout the hour and forty minute journey.

Fatman is a darkly comedic present that pokes fun at the holidays while also reminding you why they are special, most certainly, this is one movie deserving of being placed in your annual holiday rotation.

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