Online dating is more common now than ever before, and because of this, eager horror filmmakers have created twisted tales of worst case scenarios in long and short form that pack a punch as eerie cautionary tales.

There is a rich a history of making scary stories following the meeting of two strangers looking to find love, lust, or any sort of connection and it can fit perfectly within all the subgenres of horror, from slashers to psychological thrillers and everything in between.

Finding something new among the many “dates gone wrong” style horrors is now a tough feat as they become a popular trend, but writer/director Ariel Hansen’s award-winning short is a terrifying imaginative venture with devastating special effects for its indie budget and some expertly bone-chilling directing.

Hansen and producing partner Christopher Graham founded their production company Bad Cookie Pictures in 2016, and since then, their short films have been watched all over the world in a number of horror festivals gaining notoriety and new fans along the way.

For a small budget horror company, each of their films doesn’t skimp on bringing the fear factor, because both Hansen and Graham are noted horror fans with a wealth of knowledge in the genre.

Their projects feel like a love letter to obscure cinema, while standing independently as stunning original shorts on a tight budget.

Hansen’s newest online short standouts due the utterly painful to watch moments near the end that build up to a final blow of epic proportions, with the tension captured in excurating detail by frequent collaborator  cinematographer Jordan Barnes-Crouse.

The skin-crawling short is just over 5 minutes but the climax is a lingering cold chill of grotesque beauty and special effects make-up wizardry by Carolyn Williams, that is focussed around a jarring solo performance by newcomer Ariel Slack who makes her acting debut.

Nepenthes (2018)

If you loved this film and are looking for more from Bad Cookie Pictures check out their Youtube Channel which features a number of their award-winning shorts that are now available online.

But wait there’s more…

A brand new horror short (Clout) from Hansen is showing virtually at the Vancouver Short Film Festival and you can purchase a ticket to see it at 9 pm PST Jan 23rd 2021.

To purchase your ticket for Clout and learn more click here.

Happy Viewing!


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