Feeling trapped inside your home is something that we’re all too familiar with at this point, and within genre films, it’s often a theme that is tackled in numerous creepily creative ways.

Netflix is often criticized for having a lackluster horror category, but when it comes to movies about being stuck at home, lately their selection has been twisted and frightfully entertaining.

Whether they are behind the production or merely just adding the content to their collection, some of the streaming service giant’s best movies are about haunted houses, home invasions, or inescapable locations.

Among the many well-known films that tackle this horror subgenre on Netflix, there are two stylistic standouts that both managed to give viewers goosebumps while also keeping them guessing right until the final frame.

The Double Feature

1BR (2020) (Netflix)

Written & Directed by David Marmor

Are you looking to be unsettled, anxious, and thoroughly entertained tonight?

Well, look no further, because this was a blindsiding experience that pulls you in through a familiarity of your usual tropes and then hits you with twists moving at the speed of a freight train.

In her feature film debut, actor Nicole Brydon Bloom goes from wallflower to full-blown Scream Queen in this lead role that starts off a bit slow and then snaps into pure eeriness when you least expect it.

The uber relatable story hits a certain note to anyone who has ever lived in an apartment complex at any point in their life and especially highlights some of the eccentric nature of the people you may encounter during that experience.

As mentioned before it does start a bit slow, but stick with it, the ending is surely worth the engrossing realism of the claustrophobic thriller.

Eli (2019)

Written by David Chirchilrillo, Ian Goldberg, and Richard Naing

Directed by Ciarán Foy

Haunted house stories are some of the biggest staples in the long history of the horror genre, and for many of us, we feel like their easy to predict and move along the same typical beats. This film breaks all rules. 

As usual with ghost films, we’re following a family plagued by awful luck and who find themselves thrown into a situation that locks them in a house with ghosts. We’ve seen that before.

The twists come with the psychological aspects of trying to find out who is actually the antagonist in the story, as you follow a hybrid film that has graphic sci-fi elements but mainly sticks to the ghostly appearances that work their way under your skin.

While along this ride there is a rather consistent body horror theme that is well done, but the true star of the show is the script that manages to confuse and captivate up until the final moments of the film.

If you’re in a mood to see a Poltergeist-like story that spends its considerable efforts to throw your mind for a loop, look no further than this Netflix Original made to shock and discombobulate any casual horror fan. 

elinetflix's GIFs on Tenor

Your house may not be haunted and the apartment complex you live in hopefully doesn’t come with its share of odd neighbors, but these movies seem to still resonate and deliver best when watched alone due to that being a major theme of both stories.

However, these mind-bending eerie watches made for films that were fun to attempt to predict as they rack your brain with what could happen next, and in my case, I couldn’t have been more off with my guesses.

You can expect some jump scares along the way with both films and a boosting hint of excitement around the 30-min mark which carries on right until their final scenes.

Happy Viewing!




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