Midnight Content is a Westcoast Strange way of describing anything that is scary and best viewed late at night, while you are safely tucked into bed.

This content can include movie clips, short films, creepy images, scary stories, or anything else that you stumble across on your newsfeed during a late-night scroll on social media.

Finding these online oddities has always been a hobby of mine and now that I have a platform to share them, I honestly couldn’t think of a better use of my time.

So please enjoy this small collection of my recent finds along with a brief commentary on images that keep me up at night.

Disclaimer: For the best viewing experience make sure you’re alone, in a dark room, and have your headphones turned up as loud as possible for the videos.

Midnight Content

Scaring yourself just for kicks is a strange thing to do, but at the same time it can be exhilarating…

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When you’re already up too late and your mind is on edge, the accidental find of a creepy video or picture seems to spark that primal “fight or flight” part of your brain, leaving you to contemplate whether or not to just throw your phone across the room.

Reflection by Daydream Pictures

In the digital age, a constant stream of goosebump-inducing media is just at our fingertips and the overload can come as both a blessing/curse for anyone trying to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Sometimes when you’re struggling to keep your eyes open after a long day, the imagery does not always have to be a full-on jump scare or gory to trigger that unsettled feeling inside your core…it can just be a bit off-putting.

Psychedelic Tv GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

However, there are those times that when you hit the jackpot and find a video that is perfectly short and yet somehow still sits with you after it’s completed, which makes for the best Midnight Content.

Dumped by Lee Hardcastle

As a diehard horror cinephile, nothing excites me more than the access we’re currently given to big budget genre smashes and the indie alternatives made on a shoestring budget.

Artists from all over the world are now able to connect with new and old fans via our drive to give ourselves nightmares, as well as, the morbid curiosity we have to see what kind of monsters they can bring to life from their twisted imaginations.

The modern era of media may have its downsides in many ways, but on the plus side, the content is endless.

camera gif | Tumblr


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