No Stranger to Horror Podcast – Episode 3 – The Snyder Cut (Dawn of the Dead 2004)

Before Zack Snyder set the internet ablaze with the demands for the famed #Snydercut of Justice League, he dove headfirst into horror with a directorial debut remaking the 1978 film Dawn of the Dead which ended up being a spectacular reimagining of the timeless classic. The fast-running zombie epic is now often hailed for being a top-tier remake among the horror community and it worked to catapult Snyder’s career as well as writer/director James Gunn’s who wrote the screenplay for the film.

This Japanese Netflix Series Is Some Unbelievably Scary Nightmare Fuel Made for Only the Bravest Horror Fans… You’ve Been Warned

Netflix has been adding more interesting horror TV series from all over the world in the past couple of months, and for the most part, the series from Asia have been hitting all the marks for purists fans of the genre. Over the years, Hollywood studios have delivered with the much loved Mike Flanagan series The Haunting of Hill House and its anthology companion Haunting of Bly Manor, but even those beautiful art-house genre standouts were more aimed towards casual