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Spooky season is finally here!… Unless you’re a die-hard horror fan, then technically it is always here.

Nonetheless, it’s October and there is no greater time to cram all the horror goodness into one month of daily viewings from the twisted minds of genre filmmakers who deliver countless sleepless nights with their gory movies and series.

As the online landscape turns into countless offerings of the best watch-lists of all things creepy, the Westcoast Strange picks had to kick it to the next level by doubling and tripling your October movies.

That’s right, this year’s Spooky Season Selections are filled with haunting double-feature pairings, spine-tingling TV shows to binge on, and foreign films that only the bravest movie fans will be able to handle.

Fair warning, there are a lot of triggers for those looking for lighter watches, but if your aim is to truly make 2021 the scariest Halloween this is guaranteed to do just that.

*Trailers linked in the movie titles*

2021 Spooky Season Selections

Friday, October 1st

Saint Maud (2019) / Censor (2021)

Two psychological horrors that will keep you guessing and ultimately get under your skin. Is there a better way to start this month?

Fun Movie GIF by Magnolia Pictures

Saturday, October 2nd

The Fear Street Trilogy

This 3 film event is a love letter to horror fans and packed with nostalgia, bloody kills, and some truly unsettling scenes. Get the popcorn, buy a box of cheap candy, and spend your day watching this witchy slasher trilogy.

you drew stars around my scars

Sunday, October 3rd

Midnight Mass (TV Series) / Doctor Sleep (2019)

Director Mike Flanagan cements his claim as a horror master and truly separates himself from the pack with these two outstanding dives into bleak genre goodness. Midnight Mass is dramatic horror TV at its best with superb acting, a haunting story, and build-up that hits you deep into the soul, while Doctor Sleep (a sequel to Stephen King’s The Shining) is a psychic ghostly spookfest that needs to be appreciated in all its 3 hours of director’s cut glory. Flanagan Sunday is the perfect October 3rd.

Rebecca Ferguson — cinemgc: Doctor Sleep (Mike Flanagan, 2019,...

Monday, October 4th

Daniel Isn’t Real (2019) / Z (2019)

Prepare yourself for a double-feature about imaginary frenemies that will definitely make you not feel like you’re alone in the room…

That's some bad hat Harry — Daniel Isn't Real (2019)

Tuesday, October 5th

Lucky (2020) / A Classic Horror Story (2021)

Shake up your genre expectations with these two films that make you rethink everything you know about horror and do it in a fun, yet slightly chaotic, way. Beautifully shot and expertly told, these two movies are both that already have cult status and you won’t be able to stop talking about.

Ringing The Bell A Classic Horror Story GIF - Ringing The Bell A Classic Horror Story Bell Ringing - Discover & Share GIFs

Wednesday, October 6th

Belko Experiment (2016) / Possessor (2020)

Do you think your job is bad? Check out these two science fiction horrors about the literal worst jobs and the bloodiest of outcomes on this fine hump day.

That's some bad hat Harry — Possessor (2020)

Thursday, October 7th

Revenge (2017) / The Call (2020)

7 days in and it’s time to get into the thick of it with some gory revenge thrillers that put you on both sides of the spectrum. These two foreign features are explorations into the proverbial “dish best served cold” and each of these viewings will leave you with jaw dropped right up until their final scenes.

Revenge | Movies, Films & Flix

Friday, October 8th

Climax (2018) / Suspiria (2018)

Groove your way into a Friday night as the first week of October comes to a close and these two films share very different stories about spending time with a close-knit dance troupe… be wary, there is a lot in both films that will make it extremely hard to sit through even for the seasoned horror audience.

Climax GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Saturday, October 9th

Sweet Home (TV Series)

The ultimate pandemic TV series for yet another Halloween living in our prolonged… well, whatever this is… but, on the plus side, this show is filled with monsters, heroes, and a strange volatile mixture of both along the way. Once again, South Korea displays why they are some of the best horror creators as this stunning 10 episode series doesn’t miss a single beat and unravels a genre-defining creature feature epic.

MOSTLY KDRAMA — Sweet Home (Netflix, 2020) Teaser

Sunday, October 10th

Lovecraft Country (TV Series)

Continue your creature feature weekend but add in some ghosts, time travel, historical events, and even a brief cameo from Cthulhu in this award-winning short-lived TV series. You won’t regret it, minus the fact that sadly we won’t get a second season.

Less Sarcasm. More Focus. — wocscifi: topsy & bopsy 👯‍♀️

Monday, October 11th

Psycho Goreman (2020) / Blood Quantum (2020)

As today is Canadian Thanksgiving and this is a Canadian horror blog, the only option was clearly to pick two standouts by my fellow Countrymen for your viewing pleasure. Take a break from the more bleak suggestions with this double-feature that has some laughs thrown into the mix of stunning visuals and peak indie filmmaking.

Blood Quantum | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

Tuesday, October 12th

Baskin (2015) / Anything for Jackson (2020)

12 days and it’s high time we journey all the way to Hell. Now, this pairing is going to make you feel some type of way and there will certainly be scenes that are next to impossible to unsee in these demonic ventures. You’ve been warned.

BASKIN (2015) — Sleeper Awakened

Wednesday, October 13th

Till Death (2021) / Gerald’s Game (2017)

Break out the handcuffs and don’t look away as these two movies examine toxic relationships, inescapable situations, and have leads give grueling solo performances.

Macabre Interloper — Gerald's Game (2017) Starring Carla Gugino and...

Thursday, October 14th

The Dark and the Wicked (2020) / The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

Pro-tip: turn off all the lights, break out the candles, and turn the volume to the max. Mortality is at the focus of this double feature when their simple setups built around what would seem like good intentions turn hellacious in the blink of an eye.

the taking of deborah logan | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

Friday, October 15th

High Tension (2003) / Funny Games (2007)

In a word: brutal. That’s what both of these are. Just, utterly and unforgiving brutal movies.

GOAT female movie character | Page 2 | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing Discussion

Saturday, October 16th

Dead Set (TV Series)

Day 16, it’s time for some UK zombies, right? Dead Set comes from the wild mind of Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker and a decade later it still stands as one of the best horror mini-series of all time.

The Great Zombie Debate: Runners vs. Walkers

Sunday, October 17th

 Eyes of My Mother (2016) / Pet (2016)

Being stuck at home has a new meaning with these captive films about being trapped inside and wanting to be literally anywhere else.

We are like light filaments, we will at some point fade away — The Eyes of My Mother (2016), dir. Nicolas Pesce

Monday, October 18th

Freaks (2018) / Brightburn (2019)

These kids are not alright. Powered by evil and on a path of destruction, these movies are original horrors that both spur independent franchises that hopefully get sequels. Either way, as standalone films they are the embodiment of the word epic.

Review/Rate the Last Movie You Saw at the Theater - Page 771 - Blu-ray Forum

Tuesday, October 19th

Spree (2020) / Maniac (2012)

Murder from the perspective of the killer takes all new heights (and speeds) in both of these ambitious cutthroat masterpieces.

Best Maniac Elijah Wood GIFs | Gfycat

Wednesday, October 20th

Dog Soldiers (2002) / The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020)

Tonight is a full moon and watching werewolf movies is clearly mandatory. Enough said.

Dog Soldiers Hunt GIF - Dog Soldiers Hunt - Discover & Share GIFs

Thursday, October 21st

Retreat (2021) / Honeymoon (2014)

These getaways vary in their deliveries, but one thing is surely certain in both… the main characters most definitely wish they stayed home.

Weird Weird World — Honeymoon (2014) w/Rose Leslie moviefreak.be,...

Friday, October 22nd

An American Werewolf in London (1981) / Boys from County Hell (2020)

One is classic and the other is a homage to said classic. Enjoy a night of two horror comedies made for the perfect pairing and are a complete blast to match the references, even though the monsters in each movies are completely different.

An American Werewolf In London Fangs GIF - An American Werewolf In London Fangs Scary Eyes - Discover & Share GIFs

Saturday, October 23rd

Channel Zero: No-End House (TV Series)

Easily one of the best anthology series ever created and season 2 is the perfect binge to get you in the zone before going to a haunted house if they are available in your area.

Pin on Channel Zero

Sunday, October 24th

Brand New Cherry Flavor (TV Series)

This series is extremely hard to stomach and beyond worth the ride. A dark look into ’90s Hollywood that takes some seriously psychedelic turns and conjures up some truly disturbing visuals by way of black magic centering around a vengeful story… and you’ll never look at kittens the same way again.

Mikael — Rosa Salazar in Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021) A...

Monday, October 25th

Cleansing Hour (2019) / Host (2020)

This is a PSA: Do not try a seance tonight. Both films will confirm that you should leave talking to the dead alone and the results are often disastrous. Probably not a door you want to open.

the cleansing hour | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

Tuesday, October 26th

Candyman (1992) / Candyman (2021)

It would be almost sacrilege to not continue the Candyman story this Halloween, right? Director Nia DaCosta horror debut is definitely worth the watch and rounds out the final days before Halloween perfectly. As a double feature the franchise is on strong legs to continue after erasing the two other somewhat forgettable sequels.

Candyman" — The First Trailer For Jordan Peele's Reboot Is So Good, You'll Want To Watch It Five Times

Wednesday, October 27th

Nosferatu (1922) / Shadow of The Vampire (2000)

Nosferatu is one of the first and most notable entries into the genre and nearly a century later it is still spooky in its own right, while Shadow of The Vampire is a Willem Dafoe horror-comedy masterclass performance that tells a fictional story of making the classic film and the urban legend behind its mysterious lead actor Max Schreck.

Nosferatu 1922 GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Thursday, October 28th

Slither (2006) / The Fly (1986)

Body horror… it’s skin peeling, nauseating, transformative beauty that shines so bright in both of these movies that not only is this a perfect match for tonight, it could even be an annual tradition pairing. Every horror watch list needs practical effects monster, it’s a given.

10 Movies That Wouldn't Exist Without George A. Romero

Friday, October 29th

Blood Red Sky (2021) / Let the Right One In (2008)

The undying love of vampires is on full display with this double-hitter that brings true originality to the bestial creatures and is definitely a viewing that any horror fan can sink their teeth into.

Roar Blood Red Sky GIF - Roar Blood Red Sky Growl - Discover & Share GIFs

Saturday, October 30th

Them (TV Series)

Them Amazonprime GIF - Them Amazonprime - Discover & Share GIFs

A mini-series that is as bleak, grim, and ghostly as possible to be shown on the small screen. The dark historic images of Jim Crow era America are on full display and that is only part of what makes this one of the scariest horror shows of the year.

Sunday, October 31st

Halloween (1978)/ Halloween (2019) / Halloween Kills (2021)

Does this even require an explanation? A Halloween triple-header on the sacred night is the perfect way to spend your spooky Sunday. Watch Laurie Strode through the decades as she faces off against one of the most iconic movie villains of all time, and of course, make sure you do it in a costume.

Halloween Kills GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Happy Viewing Everyone & Happy Halloween!

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