The Hard Goodbye: A horror fan says farewell to ‘Supernatural’

Supernatural follows two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester, who fight different monsters each week and then at the end of the season usually defeat one big bad super villain. That is pretty much all there is to the entire series. As a casual fan… who has seen every episode… I can safely say there never needed to be anything more, but the show created by Eric Kripke evolved over the years into something nobody really expected. When Supernatural started,

Can you binge these shows in time for their next season? (January 2020)

You’re not imagining things, there is simply too much top tier television to keep up with. No one person can watch all the shows and stay up to date in the cultural conversations within this golden era of entertainment. However, you are human and the fear of missing out can be crippling for some,which is why viewing the popular essentials is doable if you manage your time accordingly. Over the past couple of years, you might have missed the premiere

9 of the best Directorial Debuts in Modern Horror

Some filmmakers have such groundbreaking talent that even on their first feature film they are able to knock it out of the park. They step up to bat and hit a homerun that even years later is talked about or dissected as a masterful entry to the genre. Each of the selected films brings not only the expected scares that horror fans crave, they introduce us into the new nightmares that were much needed in a genre which can occasionally

How to plan the perfect revenge… movie marathon

Revenge movies are the punk rock of cinema and much like the music, they’re best played loud when you’re already feeling angry. A classic tale of getting the antagonist back for unforgivable sins is nothing new, neither is the catharsis it gives the viewer. We like to see bad guys receive their comeuppance, and planned vengeance when done well can land like nothing else. When it comes to the icy dish best served cold, there are modern classics that stand

Underrated TV shows that are creepy, shocking, fun, and ready to be binged

Outside of the societal pressures to complete new and shiny TV shows that dominate your streaming services, there are overlooked gems waiting among the hundreds of scrolled over items. Some of the options you may have heard of but never got around to them, due to your roommate or friend demanding you watch Stranger Things instead. Your next favorite show could be five years old and sitting on your streaming service right now, but you missed it because The Mandalorian