‘Fatman’ Is the One Christmas Movie You Can Not Miss This Year

Christmas is right around the corner, so if you’re a last minute shopper this is usually the time to start panicking and grabbing whatever you can find off the shelves. Slugging through the holiday season feels a bit different this year and to match the insanity of it all, a Christmas movie directed by the Nelms Brothers (Eshom and Ian) has recently been released to VOD and it manages to be perfectly set for 2020’s unique atmosphere. The movie is

3 Dark Magic Horror Films Coming Just in Time for Halloween!

We’re halfway through the spooky season and as the horror movie binges continue, some new entries are around the corner arriving days before Halloween. As with every October, the expected seasonal scares fit perfectly with the mood, as well as, do wonders for conjuring up last-minute costume ideas and/or party themes. This year, three witchy based genre films are about to hit the small screens, and what makes them interesting is that they couldn’t be more different from one another

Creative Comparison: Pretzel Jack and Topsy & Bopsy

The big screen may be home to some of the most legendary monsters to ever grace the horror genre, but recently, entries from filmmakers on streaming services programs have been staking their own claim among the iconic figures as being just as terrifying. The bubbling world of small-screen terror has enabled new nightmares to reach audiences across the globe, while doing so it has introduced inventive original takes on skin-crawling monsters and creepy creatures that can make even die-hard horror