Spotlight: Is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II a future King of Horror & Sci-Fi?

This might be somewhat of a bold statement to put on a name that could be unfamiliar to you, but trust me this doesn’t come without a rightful claim. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II only started acting professionally in 2012 and it wasn’t until five years later in 2017 that he received his big break in the musical series “The Getdown” when he played the adversarial role of Cadillac to which he received much acclaim. *Sidebar: If you haven’t seen The Getdown

For the Horror Purists: Alexandre Aja – Let’s explore French Gore!

Alexandre Aja soaked horror fans with blood and a twisted bit of extreme gore when he gave the world his gruesome masterpiece Haute Tension in 2003, and it’s safe to say the genre hasn’t been the same since. Written & Directed by Alexandre Aja If you have not experienced that film then I highly recommend you watch it with caution, as it is filled with practical effects realism that go into over drive displaying some of the most vicious on

Music videos that take place in Sci-Fi worlds that NEED a feature film or TV series

This is a strange mix of genius that comes from the purely unlikely place of modern music videos from artists that just may shock you. When you think of interesting and fun sci-fi worlds the names that usually pop into mind are James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, George Lucas, but rarely does the thought of a Snoop Dogg music video. That’s what makes this all so fun and such a strange dive into the madness of these sometimes iconic, but other