5 scenes of Horror acting BRILLIANCE

The horror genre is not always known for its breakout acting performances that really stick with the viewer. Let’s be realistic, some of us don’t care if the actor can say two lines correctly if the scary scenes land well upon delivery, or if the gore haunts us for days later. However, a lot of modern horror films are now expertly nailing dramatic moments that have moved the genre forward into a new age that even has garnered some Oscar-worthy

I’m concerned if you haven’t seen these films on Netflix (Canada)

Okay, so here is the thing, I don’t think we can be friends unless you have seen these films. The Netflix Horror section is really hit or miss, but these are a few of the hidden or less talked about films that really nailed it. Opinions may vary on these projects, but that’s expected, you can’t please everyone after all. I personally loved everything I’m going to suggest and maybe you will too. At the very least, you won’t have

For the Horror Modernists: In Fabric

I can safely say I do not scare easily, but this movie sat with me for quite some time. Seriously, I don’t know what hit me more from this project. It might have been the story of loneliness which made me just feel terrible through the entire film, or the supernatural elements that haunted me in the strangest way. Either way, this film really messed with my brain and unsettled me for a bit. It progressively gets more and more

For the Horror Purists: The Furies

There is almost no way to talk about this film without spoiling its greatness right away. On the surface it looks like your typical slasher with barely any story, but seriously, this has some cult status elements to it even after one viewing. However, I will say there were scenes that were incredibly hard to watch in terms of pure practical effects goriness, but if you can stomach them, I found the end to be rewarding. Simply put, there is

Horror Modernist vs. Horror Purist

Are you a Horror Modernist or a Horror Purist? Maybe you’re both, let’s discuss. I’ve always seen horror fandom as somewhat of a spectrum when it comes to the actual people who love the medium, breaking them down into specific groups seemed to be the easiest way to describe the furthest of each end.    So, for sake of this page and people who keep hearing me use these terms, this will be a breakdown in the simplest terms. A

A gentle PSA from a horror fan to critics

Kindly I ask critics and media everywhere to stop saying movies are “too scary that audiences couldn’t finish” or saying, “So frightening it made audiences vomit”, just stop that. It is a doing a great disservice to the genre, and at best you’re just angering any person planning to watch it. Horror films are meant to be scary, it’s their purpose, implying that a movie is so scary that it can’t be finished is like telling a fan of Elton